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  1. wget

    man wget wget -vb http://some.url.for.some/file/to/dl it would put file "dl" in the present directory you are in. So if you are in "/home/jarves/" the file will be "/home/jarves/dl" Hope this helps.
  2. Why are you running Linux?

    Originally posted by Timmay: Quote: Free software is good, though I find its easier to pay in the long run to get all updates. Its also getting harder and harder to find free versions on many Linux websites Harder and Harder? Try and get support for Win9X/ME as you Windows version of Choice. Microsoft is about ready to start charging for *ANY* updates (bugs or enhancements). I find this rather amusing... Upgrade to our next version it fixes the bug FOR SURE THIS TIME! Quote: Linux still has a LONG way to go to be as user friendly as Windows. User friendly is a realtive term. I find the "Simplicity of Windows" to be an Oxymoronic saying. I use Linux everyday all the time. At work, home, my PDA, my mp3/music player, my car stereo, my primary workstation, my gaming machine. There isn;t a single thing Windows does better than Linux... well except maybe in creating User Frustration! Quote: You may disagree with that, but take it from someone who runs it casually, its friendlieness sucks. Bad. All of them. Try and Run Windows casually, you shall feel the same way. Or How about you run Apple's OSX on a G-something... yeap same feeling. How about you try driving a car with a stick casually, versus driving an automagic... yeap same feeling. Quote: Well, Lindows makes it a bit easier, but you dont know what you did really. If they want to go mainstream, the average guy needs to be able to just go without all the driver and app issues I and many others have. This all comes down to vendor of said devices support for anything *OTHER* than Windows. Quote: Too bad they(Linux) cant support .exe files out of the box and ship files and drivers that way, it would make all the difference in the world. Once again pressure your vendor to get these drivers for Linux... Most everything that has support in Linux is because of some one Reverse Engineering as the vendors DO NOT understand the whole open source thing and think everything is going to be given away in Linux. No that just isn;t the deal. If you know what the issue are... you can make a difference. Linux in general is actually equal for usability. Try Debian Linux. Free in both senses of the word. Never will be driven by any corporate profit sheet. Easily maintainable, many, many, many reasons to use it. If you really looked at the whole "issue" you wouldn;t be complaining. You'd be helping out. Until you do understand you are just spreading FUD (Fear, uncertainty and doubt).
  3. Kernel & Reiserfs

    Originally posted by jimf43: Quote: Originally posted by trondare: Quote: Reiserfs is not broken in I see nothing about this in the kernel mailing lists, forums, kerneltrap, slashdot or anywhere else. I'm using and reiserfs myself, so how can you say it's broken? Are you stupid, a troll, or just asking to be flamed? M'kay. Quick thinking there. I am sure he isn't stupid, mainly because I see no indication of ReiserFS(v3.5/6) problems in the LKML (which there would be). I myself have seen reiserfs 3.5/6 literally yank out the top level tree upon a reboot. Just becuase I changed kernels. Whereas these 2 kernels have been installed and swapped regular like. Just because he is challenging your *GLOBAL* announcement the Reiserfs is broken on your machine, therefore it must be broken everywhere, is no reason to give him the STFU TROLL regimen. Just to give you a clue I had a 3TB array on ReiserFS v3.6 recently "lose" its tree. Was sitting there serving files all fine, when all of a sudden, nearly EVERYTHING was gone. Brought the spare machine up. Made a 3TB array available to the machine, mkfs.xfs (I wanted to it in production before, but had little chance) as I had tested it and gotten better utilization and performance. Restored. Returned to service in about 30 minutes, with the restore going as the people were using it. Sometimes waiting for files to show up. The original machine, I ended up trying to fsck it, no good, even some expensive proprietary tools I have couldn't do a thing with it. I ended up having all files under lost+found. Yes, at least I could get to some of them... but the point is: If you aren't prepared for amykind of disaster, you aren't worth keeping around. Have fun.
  4. UT 2004

    Ummm, the docs say you need to copy the installer script to a writeable place. And, I setup a directory /usr/games/ut2004 Gave ownership to the user I use for installs. I then ran the installer from the writeable location. The DVD install went JUST FINE! If it asks for another CD press enter. Then once everything is setup right... switch users and run the game as /usr/games/ut2004/ut2004 You shall se some nice things. Once you verify that it works, go get the update for it. 3286 is the version IIANM. Luck!
  5. Hacked!

    Quote: I received a warning today from Tech Republic that the main source code for the Linux kernel was hacked last week. A hacker changed just 2 lines of the code which would of enabled him/them to gain access over a system running that code. The invection was spotted several days later and rectified. What is the best messure to ensure security on the net while using Linux? NO... NO... NO... NO... NO... NO... Debian servers got compromised using the Kernel integer Overflow. Not a buffer overflow... this one was extremely hard to detect. Its effects are affecting Every Kernel to a certain revision. There is also a CVE for it. Give it a rest. Debian Security Announcemnet 403-1 DO not ever spread the word like this. The two lines of code were bad to begin with. And it was a LOCAL exploit only. So they would have to get onto the machine first with a valid account then exploit the vulnerability.
  6. ATI - 'Mobilty Radeon M9' or 'Mobility Radeon 8500'

    Boot from the CDROM, use the tools available to you in it. Like lspci, lsmod among quite a few others. Once you see how Knoppix treats it, you'll know exactly how it us supported. Knoppix Primary FTP site I use KNOPPIX for hardware discovery, it's got "Super-Computing Hardware Detection POWERZ"
  7. Which Linux is Better and Why?

    There are things to be said for Debian. But IF I do say them here I'll get censored again. Needless to say, Gentoo has it's place. But all I can say is dependencies SUCK in everything EXCEPT Debian. People don;t understand Debian and therefore bad mouth it. If you really WANT to know more. Ask.
  8. GRUB freezes when booting! Please help!

    I need to know Which disk, (hda , hdb, jdc, hdd, etc...) What your "/" partition is, you /boot partition is, Your Windows Partition is. What you current menu.lst looks like. Get those, and I can help.
  9. GRUB

    Code: title WindowsXProotnoverify (hd0,0)makeactivechainloader +1 You forgot to make it active.
  10. sound server error

    Please post the error exactly please. I am guessing you are using KDE. Goto the Control Panel and poke around in the SOUND sections... you'll find a "use full dupley" mode for the sound server. Uncheck that. Save the settings. Logout and login. If you still have probs, post the EXACT error message... with codes and all.
  11. nVidia going way of M$?

    Perhaps a HUGE bug that was found that core dumps ANYthing except RedHat? Also, nVidia also does unified developement for Drivers... the things that change from platform to platform is the HOOKS they use... The Code is supposed to exactly the same... If you were to read the developers lists for nVidia... you'd find out that nVidia is probably the BEST about giving and providing support to Card Manufacturers. Also, that when they release 43.45 for Windows they *COULD* release 43.45 for Linux... Same goes for nForce drivers.
  12. nVidia going way of M$?

    You sound very silly. nVidia's Drivers for Linux and FreeBSD The only reason nVidia got it for the X-Box was they undercut ATI... by a wide margin... But got more imbursement from *other* deals from Microsoft. The fact they won't open-source the drivers... may mean they have some patented IP from other corporations that do not want to open up the IP they have. It could be *JUST* one... Open Source is not a magic Bullet. It is a way of thinking. BTW, the version Numbers for the Linux Video Drivers is 43.49... whereas the Latest official Windows Version is 43.45. And the Latest nForce drivers for Windows is 2.03... Linux is 2.48.... Hmmm... what was that you were saying?
  13. Red Hat 9 has all nForce 2 drivers but one....

    Try the "8139too" driver. modprobe 8139too It is not well detected by ANY kernel at this point. You nearly have to force it to load... but once it does... you should be good to go.
  14. Red Hat 8.0 Firewall woes

    It'll help you a lot... it works very well... I have always said learn by example... *REAL* examples... *WORKING* examples.... That is what I have given you... There are quite a few books on IPTABLES.... New Riders has a couple of good books on IPTABLES.
  15. Red Hat 8.0 Firewall woes

    This IPTABLES script. I wrote this one. It works REALLY well... It just works.