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  1. New graphics card game problems

    u using Shrouded Isles or the reg DAoC? also u might get more replys posting here http://vnboards.ign.com/board.asp?brd=20934 thats a link to Official DAoC Boards
  2. Low system resources

    thanks for all the replys i might just upgrade to xp cus this is main gaming comp. but the only prob i have is that my gaming laptop (Area-51m) has xp and i have not be able to get my 2 desktops with 98 to talk to the laptop. All three are on the net and can game/surf fine but the xp and 98s dont see each other
  3. Low system resources

    my comp win 98se 1.2Ghz 512 MBs ram been having low system resources latly when i start up im at 64% with only Zone Alarm and Anit-Virus running, is that norm? Just now before i posted this i had IE open surfing the net and imesh downloading crap then open Windows Media Player but had to ctrl+alt+del it to close it cus it was not responding and saw i was a 6% resources ;( Will Defraging my hd help any? if any one has any ideas plz reply
  4. i got 3 pc on my lan, 2 have win98 and 1 is xp, the 2 98 pcs work fine and can be on net all day with no prob but the xp pc only gets about 20mins then its internet goes dead and i have to restart it to get back on. its really started to bug me using Linksys 4port dsl router any ideas?
  5. XP and 98

    all three have there own user names and passwords and 1 98 box is passwords blank.
  6. XP and 98

    ok did that xp disc thing and still no luck. im back to step 1 where the two 98s work fine with each other and the XP cant see the other two. if any ones got any ideas plz post
  7. XP and 98

    no i have not, how do i go about doing that? im new to xp heres a update also, the XP box can see the two 98's but it cant get in em. it says when i click on both the 98's from XP " \\Jetro is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contant the administartor of this server to find out if you have access permissions. " ill try that XP networking floppy thing and see what happens.
  8. XP and 98

    (setup) i have 3 comps 2 run 98 1 runs XP, (prob #1) the XP box does not see the two 98 so i cant send/trade files with the XP box. (prob #2) all 3 are on the net with Linksys dsl router but the one with XP will some times go internet ded and i got to restart and thats really starting to bug me now. if any one can help or got some websites that has 98/XP networking on it that would really be grate