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  1. OWA works in Netscape not IE

    That's great to know, thanks for posting that
  2. I need help with the sims 2

    Originally posted by campfire: Quote: adamvjackson please leave corpse45 alone! True, you are here on your own free will and free time, to help others like you said. But from what I see you are not helping anyone here. My response to corpse45 was not inflammatory, just stating the facts, correcting his inaccuracies. Ask yourself this; Was the information I provided in my response to corpse45 inaccurate? No. Therefore, it is worthwhile, and relevent since there were requests for information on how to circumvent the implaced copy protections. Always remember, just because you can do something, does not mean you may legally do so. Continuing, you may want to take a look at some of my +/-2000 other posts, or not, your choice. But it's never best to make uninformed assumptions. Quote: As a senior member of this forum, it seems that you do have a lot of time to kill, why not look through the forum, 'help' those who really needs your help? Just a friendly advice, reply only if you have something constructive to say, please!!!! Again, I don't have much free time (not that it's specifically any of your business), but when I do, I prefer to either post on LinuxCompatible or reply to other advanced users here, so I don't have to explain the basic stuff. I guess that's just because I'm either busy or lazy. You choose.
  3. Linux Suse 9.1 with WLAN

    Just a note, if you're not familiar with ifconfig, it's similar to ipconfig in Windows 2000/XP. Invoke it by: /sbin/ifconfig
  4. Favorite Desktop Environment

    I prefer Gnome, but on bootable live CDs, I like Fluxbox. Speaking of which, has anyone here used the Auditor live CD? I checked it out a few days ago, and it seems pretty complete.
  5. Wirelss breaks after a year of working perfectly

    Glad it's working for you, Dapper Dan. As Clutch suggested, you may want to check to see if there's a newer firmware revision, sometimes routers/WAPs have some instabilities. Also, I've noticed that the vendor-supplied changelog on the firmware is not always all-inclusive.

    Better use Memtest86 to check your RAM... I would re-add all of your RAM, then run http://www.memtest86.com/ to check for errors. Also, you may want to check your BIOS settings for your RAM timings, etc. To be safe, write down the settings, then load the BIOS defaults before running Memtest86.
  7. Correct me if I am wrong (could be, not a steam user), but the way I understand steam, you can (thoeritically) download steam (and/or HL2) onto any PC, using your steam logon... Unless you're concerned about the bandwidth usage, you shouldn't need to make a backup, unless you really want to. I would also think that there would be registry keys that would pertain to steam/hl2 that would need to be considered for backup, too. However, you should be able to split the folder down into smaller pieces by simply burning selected files at a time.
  8. What is your favorite Linux distro and why?

    Sure, I'll be happy to; did you want screenshots for FC3 or NLD?
  9. Problems installing Fedora 3 on my laptop

    Have you either verified the media thru MD5 hash on the DVD iso or running linux media check at the boot prompt?
  10. Wirelss breaks after a year of working perfectly

    Have you tried power-cycling the WAP? Sometimes that's all that's needed.
  11. Latest CMS suggestions

    Phillip, 2 more suggestions for your review: 1. Disable the "Solution" button for the first post in a new thread. I see several posts (typically from new users) that seem to mistake the solution button for requesting a solution. I think disabling it for the 1st post would likely solve this issue/misunderstanding. 2. Apply a basic filter for profanity. Please... Thanks again, Phillip. Adam
  12. Novell (Suse Linux) swings back at Microslop

    It will certianly be interesting to see what comes of the latest lawsuits; I think Novell may have the brand-recognition and funding to really make some progress in Linux adoption/migrations. I suppose I should add that Novell Netware was the first NOS that I used and (later) administered, it's good to see them back in the fight, so to speak. Microsoft has made an empire from "good-enough" software. I, for one, don't want "good-enough" any more.
  13. fedora core 3 + xp

    Originally posted by danleff: Quote: This is good to hear. So, the geometry issue seems to have been resolved, good! That's what I've heard, as well; however, I jumped in head-first, no dual booting for me! But seriously, not having a dual boot "crutch" seems to make the transition easier (as long as you're determined)!
  14. FC 2 Logging out problems..!!!

    Neither, really. Just leave some space unpartitioned and let Anaconda (the FC installer) auto-partition. You'll need space for a swap partition (usually 1.5x your physical RAM); a boot partition (for GRUB), and finally a partition for your OS installation (typically ext3 or ReiserFS). A reasonably safe bet would be to leave about 10GB of space as "unpartitioned".