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  1. How many distro's have you tried????

    Suse 9.0 runs flawlessly on my new laptop. Gentoo running my db/web/mailserver Debian on my desktop at home used for development. Coyote used to run my firewall/router until I splurged for a wireless router. Other than that I've used, most versions of RedHat since 6.2, Mandrake since 7.0, Slackware, Lycoris(blech), Lindows(blech, blech), Xandros which is just as nasty as Corel(hated it even though it was .deb based), Libranet(which is also .deb based), Caldera(hate to admit that, had to ritualistically burn those cd's and the free hat I got from them at some expo), Yoper, Linux from scratch, Knoppix, demolinux, etc etc. IMO I liked gentoo for the fact that every package is built from source with the build flags I specified, so everything is optimized for my system. The downfall, it takes forever to compile every package from source. Debian is nice, apt is an awesome tool(no dependency probs), it's downfall being lack of bleeding edge and sometimes not-so bleeding edge packages. Suse has come a long way in the last couple of years. Wasn't impressed with the package selection in 8.2. 9.0 seems to work very well, they finally upgraded to MySQL to 4.0, and detects all the new hardware that no other mainstream distro could.
  2. I think I am almost ready to install.. but..

    Go with Gentoo, it's a little involved on the install, but very well documented and you'll definitely learn more about Linux just from the install than if you were to run either Redhat or Mandrake for years.....
  3. Winex 3.1 Run Problem on SUSE 8.2

    Quote: I need someone to give me some advice on what I can do to run Winex it tells me that do to limitations of my distribution that I will have problems running Winex. What can I do to fix it? Install Redhat 9 or some other distro. I tried everything I could to get Winex working with Suse and nothing worked.
  4. The Sims

    Winex will not run the Windows version of the Sims. The Linux version uses a special version of winex which to my understanding is not available by itself. You have to buy the Linux version of the Sims if you want to play on Linux.
  5. Email Data, MSN Messenger and CD buring

    I prefer k3b for my cd-burning. Nice looking interface and easy to use and setup.
  6. For all practical purposes....None. The only difference is which toolkit it uses to run.
  7. mplayer

    I've always just built xine from source and it seems to play divx just fine.
  8. problem with xconfig

    You also might want to make sure that the proper tk/tcl packages are installed. Other wise just use make menuconfig
  9. http://www.linux-on-laptops.com is an awesome resource.
  10. emachines M5305 Laptop

    I just bought a hp ze4315 with the same video card, and have found that using vesa as the video driver works. Unfortunately there is not much if any support for ATI video cards in linux. Check out http://www.linux-on-laptops.com and see if your laptop is listed or not.
  11. CD Emulator

    I'm not 100% sure on the options, but you can actually just mount the .iso files as if they were filesystems. something to the effect of: mount -o iso9660 loop file.iso /mnt/whatever try the man pages for mount and verify the options needed.
  12. Which Linux is Better and Why?

    I would have voted except my favorite is not included in the list..... GENTOO Linux Great source based distribution, pain in the ass to install but the performance increase is considerable when compared to a canned distribution like redhat or suse.
  13. Just saw this today. Claims to work with MOH Allied Assault and a few other newer games.....
  14. Does MSN Internet work for Linux???

    MSN denies support for linux machines but I did have it working at one time.... I'll ask around and try to remember how I did it.
  15. I finally got it installed BUT i need help

    also make sure you are typing "root" and not "Root". You really should create a normal user account though.