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  1. There are motherboards based on the Intel 915 and the Intel 925 for the Intel side of life that use the Realtek ALC880 for integrated HD audio. Are there any motherboards for the AMD64 that use the Realtek ALC880 for integrated audio? I don't really care if the motherboard is NVidia or Via based as long as it is for the AMD64. I have read several reviews that suggests that this codec is much better than the Realtek ALC850 codec used in most of the motherboards for the AMD64. I have also read that the Realtec ALC880 is even a better choice than the Creative Sound Blaster Live 24-bit H/W audio used in the MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum/SLI. Is there a CMedia integrated audio solution that is the equal to the Realtek ALC880? Thanks.
  2. I am having the same problem with the new scsiport.sys driver in SP3. Before loading Windows 2000 SP3 everything worked fine with the old scsiport.sys driver. I backed up my SP2 files so I can roll back to it but I want to use the new SP3 with its bugs fixes and security upgrades!! It also gives me the IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error message before rebooting the PC. Luckly this only occurs once or twice a day at most. For me it sometimes list the scsiport.sys driver as the culprit and other times it list the ultra.sys driver as the culprit. (I have even used the Microsoft debugger to read the dump files mentioned in the event view after the crashes and reboots and the debugger also always lists one of these two files as the culprit.) The ultra.sys driver is the driver I use for the built in promise PDC 20265R raid controller on my Soyo Dragon Plus KT266a motherboard. There are as of yet no updated drivers from Soyo, Promise, or Microsoft to fix the problems between the scsiport.sys and ultra.sys drivers. Promise admits there is an incompatiability between SP3 and their Ultra100 driver on their webits at: http://promise.com/support/ download2_eng.asp?mode=download&product_id=18 They suggest loading the driver for the Ultra 100 TX2 might fix the problem although they haven't tested this out to any great extent. I am also not so sure that loading the driver for the Promise PCI Ultra 100 TX2 controller card for my built into the motherboard Promise controller seems like such a great solution. I have my hard drives attached to this controller and definitely need to be able to boot up and use my PC!!! I might reload the old version of scsiport.sys or load the Ultra 100 TX2 driver if the problem get more frequent or worse, but for now I'll live with this minor annoyance. I'll wait for one of these three companies (Soyo, Promise, or Microsoft) to release a new driver that fixes this incompatibility!