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  1. Windows 98-SE + Radeon 9550SE

    Anybody have any issues with some/all of the ATi or Omega drivers for Windows 98-SE ??? I was doing some testing on a dual-boot box I have with this OS and Windows 2000 Pro. I'm trying to use the latest ATi driver package, the Catalyst v6.2 for both OS's and it works great under Windows 2000 but doesn't allow for normal mode booting under 98-SE. The mobo is an older Soyo 845PE, Socket 478 with ISA slots believe it or not. I still have a Voodoo 5, 5500 PCI card but wanted to try out some things using some Glide Wrappers vs. OpenGL vs. DirectX in older games., this card worked great in both OS's using the latest 3Dfx drivers and many of the modded community driver pacakges without any issues. The great folks at Vogons have tons of info but nothing specific about using this card with Windows 98 gaming (maybe Dos Freak has some tips for me Of course if I go into safe mode and uninstall the drivers and reboot it will load normal mode and then want to reinstall the drivers. I even downloaded the latest Omega Driver Package for 98-SE and again they work great under Windows 2000 but not 98-SE. I have an older GeForce MX440 AGP card so I will probably grab that one and see if it works better under 98-SE but I wanted something with more power then this card for my game testing. Anybody think that this older motherboard has some kind of compatibility with this card or just the case of ATi drivers being buggy under 98 ??? I can still pickup some newer AGP based cards with either ATi/AMD or nVidia GPU's but really I only need so much horsepower. I can say that Windows 2000 works great with this card and using a Glidewrapper, I used SiN as my test game, updated to v1.11 and using both the GlideGL via the wrapper and DefaultGL. Default worked faster and looked better due to the fact I could go widescreen mode like 1280 x 1024 where the GlideGL limited me to something like 1024 x 768.
  2. Any free tools/apps for Windows 2000 Server to defrag both the HDD's and Registry along with tips for file maintanence ??? I've been with my current employer for over 4 years now and I've been helping the Q/A staff with the servers both on the hardware and software side of things. Of course the budget is tight so I'm looking at as many open source and freeware apps as possible.
  3. New forum software

    Better looking IMO but was surprised by the login request, makes sense as it's a new DB I bet
  4. dual monitors

    My guess is that you have just the single analog video output, the blue colored 15-pin connector. If perchance your MB has both this and a DVI output jack, then you should be able to use a dual-monitor setup, however, I can't recall if the VIA Chrome Graphics drivers supported this functionality. You should first check if you have a dual-video output and if not, you will need to upgrade to a graphics card that has this capibility, which most cards do now a days
  5. hey guys need graphics help

    Check out the website for this information... http://ati.amd.com/products/radeon7500/radeon7500/index.html
  6. Logitech X-530 5.1 Speaker System

    I would first try up[censored] the drivers for the onboard sound card, also maybe update all other drivers for your OS, Motherboard Chipset, etc, too...
  7. Originally Posted By: Myke The chipset and board can support a lot more RAM, but the OS (being x86) can only support 4 GB max. Maybe we should have planned this better, but too late now. As for your last point, that's why I've been afraid to really test this out. Wish I had a spare machine to use as a test environment, because I can't exactly risk crashing 3 systems at once. Thank you for your input; it is much appreciated. It's a shame that searching for information regarding this topic isn't widely available, as I assume a lot of people are a bit confused with this as well. With a later chipset and an x64-bit CPU, it would have been better to use an x64-bit Host OS for sure, but of course hindsight is 20/20 isn't it Both Windows XP Pro x64-bit and Windows Server 2003 x64-bit have been out for a long time, I would have looked into these flavors for a host OS or the myriad of *nix flavors/distros out there too.... I've been playing around with both VMware Server and Virtual Box for a long time, but it's because I've always loved playing around with VM's along with my still working LEGACY machines like my C64's and Amiga's hehe
  8. LinkSys Router: Internet Access Issue

    Have one of these client connections test the DNS outbound from a Gotomypc connection to your local ISP gateway and then to Inet sites like www.yahoo.com and www.google.com You should be able to ping the DNS addresses, if you can't then that local machine is missing some manual DNS entries or not getting proper resolution from your ISP. Also, have you tried the OpenDNS server addresses or even the new Public Google DNS addresses yet ??? Some ISP's don't like you to use anything but their DNS servers but sometimes an ISP's DNS servers are not always reliable or updated....
  9. Originally Posted By: Myke Definitely an interesting thing to note; thanks for the article. It still leaves me with the questions of being able to use the extra RAM on the host, even though the host's OS is x86. I don't mind limiting each VM to under 4 GB of RAM. Basically you are limited to what the chipset can access as well, many chipsets only support somwhere between 3.0 ~ 3.4 GB even with an x-64 bit OS. In order to allocate more memory to the a VM your host os and chipset have to support more RAM and also have more memory installed in that machine. I wouldn't allocate to much ram to the VM in case your host os needs more to run properly.
  10. Primary Slave (HDD) not found

    Originally Posted By: cbk Yes, it was jumpered correctly. This slave drive was working perfectly when the old primary drive was ok. Ah, then maybe the Primary MASter is setup in single-drive or cable select mode. What is the make/model of both of these HDD's ??? The jumper settings have to both be correct for proper IDE, MAS/SLA settings to work
  11. Vogons Site Moving

    Heya dosfreak, I don't recall reading this anyplace on VOGONS VOGONS is moving Back soon!
  12. SAS on SATA Interfaces

    Has anybody tried running a SAS HDD on a SATA interface yet ??? If so, did it work for you and which make/model SAS drive did you use ??? Thanks
  13. Originally Posted By: DosFreak Bought 2 1GB PCI express cards for my XPS M1330 (Only has 100Meg NICS that are flaky as hell). File transfers to my server are now fast and reliable! Thinking about getting that ATI 5870..... Good job on replacing the faulty nic's and I've been looking at the new Radeon Cards too
  14. hi everyone

    If you could please provide detailed system specs like is this an OEM machine from Dell, HP, Gateway and which model or if it's a custom build machine. If it's a custom built machine, do you have any details on the make/model of the motherboard, graphics card if any, sound card if any, etc... It sounds like you may have to clean up the infection and/or do a clean reinstall or use the OEM System Restore CD/DVD.
  15. So I have the Microsoft Natural Multimedia Keyboard plus a Logitech MX Revolution Wireless Mouse. Running Windows 7, RC1, Build 7100 with the x64-bit installs for both these devices, Microsoft has their Intellitype v7.xx build and Logitech has their SetPoint v4.8x build. Both installed fine but I noticed that after I installed the Logitech SetPoint driver package that my keyboard got changed to a PS/2 type from the original Natural Multimedia type I had selected when installing the Microsoft Intellitype driver pack. If I manually change the driver back and reboot, it will not initialize the driver as it shows an error code 10 while attempting to start the device driver. Reselecting PS/2 again works but I'm wondering if there are any known incompatibilities here or is this what I have to live with ??? This is on my gaming rig so I place some FPS's that require my Mouse + KB combo and many other games also can use this combo. As long as my keyboard functions, which it seems to be in PS/2 mode then I guess it's ok, but what about the driver apps, are they conflicting somehow ???