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  1. Slow file transfer between 2 computers

    I did more test xfers and reset the NIC's to 'auto' where I could and it seems ok now. Xfering a folder with many subfolders that contain many jpegs is a very slow xfer wher as a single large file flies. Is this a 'Windows' thing?
  2. If I transfer files from box A to box B using box A as the controlling terminal all is fine, BUT if I transfer the SAME files from the same location to the same location using box B as the controlling terminal the transfer is either very, very slow or dies altogether. I tried different files and the same thing. I reversed the transfer (B to A) and still the same thing. The computer which I used to initate the xfer shows no problem. If I do it from the other the xfer dies. I have defragged both drives and changed NIC's in both boxes. I also forced 100 full duplex on both cards. Both boxes are running 2k w/sp4 with new O/S installs. Hope that made sense. Any ideas?
  3. what the hell happened to this forum

    Put me down for NOT liking the layout! 1. Too much space is wasted in the forum name on the home page with the first and last poster. Not enough space for the title and first line. It's hard to read. 2. As other posted, there is a huge drop in responses from the old format. I use to post here all the time. Now I have dropped it and this is the first post for over a year or more. This use to be one of my favorites, now it dropped to the bottom of the list................ ;( P.S. Just how do you delete a PM?
  4. I know of the "/sos" mod to the boot.ini file, but that gives me another more ugler boot screen. Can that be changed or removed completely?
  5. I gave up on the refilled color cartridges. Nothing but problems. I am looking for somewhere that sells the new ones for $28 or less. I did come across one once, but don't remember who. A search didn't really turn up anything either. Thanks............
  6. Safe mode hangs in 2k

    Running 2k w/sp4 I can't boot into safe mode. It hangs at the splash screen with the black screen and the 4 safe mode's in the corners. Regular boots are fine! Sounds backwards to me. Suppose to hang on a normal boot! Ideas?
  7. Forum upgrade is coming

    Go back to the old format! This sucks!!
  8. I have a Epox EP8-KTA MB with a KT133 chipset. I also have a Sapphire 9100 card that I would like to put in it, but I doubt I can because of voltage differences. Or can I? If not are there any cards that have a DVI out for a KT133 chipset?
  9. I have a Sapphire ATI 9100 (8500LE) card that I will be replacing with a PowerColor ATI 9600Pro. Do I have to do the whole nine yards of a uninstall and reinstall when I switch these cards using the same driver package? Running 2k w/sp4
  10. New server - next week

    Someone should tell you guys about AMD!
  11. Upgrade to PHP

    They should of kepted what they had! This software stinks! 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it' applies here!
  12. I know that is the way it is, but why? When you move a card to another slot, Windows has a memory problem and forgets that the card was even there and has to reinstall the driver all over again. Worse yet, I have a 3Com NIC that when the O/S was loaded with the card in place the card was reconiged and the driver was installed with no problem. When I moved the card (to make way for a dual slot card combo) Windows couldn't find the driver! Even when I put the CD in it still couldn't find the driver! I did have a driver from 3com that worked after a couple of times tring different versions that aren't labeled the best. I'm running 2k /sp4 Input...........?
  13. 5.1 live sound card and drive installation problem

    What O/S are you running? I gave up on Creatives bloated drivers! The ones Windows installs work ok AFAIC. BUT, there is another avenue I discovered through another forum: http://download.kxproject.lugosoft.com/ I had no problems with this package. It gives you the option to install just the drivers and/or the control panel. I installed both. BTW, the control panel has selectable skins (if that matters, I didn't like the default skin). Check it out.
  14. Mixing memory didn't drop benchmark much

    I returned the box to the owner since it was up tp par. I was just wondering about the lack of a hit with the older memory. I know since the bus isn't a 133 the difference wouldn't be that great, but was surprised to see the little difference. Since there WAS a hit, is it ok to assume that the older memory isn't PC100? If it was PC100 there shouldn't be a 'hit' at all mixing it with the other stick (even though it was 'better' memory?
  15. On a 100MHz memory bus (AMD 751 chipset) mixing one PC133 and two PC66 (?) strips only dropped the benchmark 5% running SiSoft Sandra 2004. I'm not sure about these other 2 strips (32MB each) of memory. The date on the chips is 1998. Can I assume it is PC66? I'm just surprised the hit was less than 5% vs. testing only the PC133 strip (128MB) by itself. It went from 660MB/sec down to 630MB/sec when the additional strips were added. Input? Am I correct about the '98 chips being PC66?